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All bird sound recordings by Ilkka Heiskanen.
Conversions to mp3 and au formats by J. Kyyrö.


The bird song files are 51kb to 359kB. We have
changed the format to high quality mp3 files.
This has allowed us to have longer and higher quality
samples than with the previously used au format.
The sample file sizes are actually smaller than previously.

Recordings are originally in stereo. (16bit 44100Hz)
All sound files have been converted to 16bit
mono with a sample rate of 32000Hz.
The samples are generally 25 - 30 seconds each.

The sound scenes are in stereo!
But be patient with download times.
Click on the picture in sound scenes
to download the sound file!

Copyright © 1995-2011, 2012
Juhani Kyyrö, Hannu Ekblom,
Ilkka Heiskanen & Hannu Hautala
All rights reserved
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